Together the Helvetica team has been responsible for over $1 billion in corporate finance and real estate transactions including commercial and residential loans, real estate syndications, real estate sales, loan pool purchases and private placements.


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100000000S 3200000S_REO_18
11_600_000_S_Vineyard_Plz 5_000_000_S_REO15 5000000s reo xiv 5000000S_REO_X
3_543_000 3_400_000 5_000_000
30_000_000__05-26-11 2_055_000 1_600_000 4_500_000
2_300_000 1_050_000_-_Dallas_MFD


6_500_000_S_Savon 7_250_000_S_ABM 7_950_000_S_DB 4_550_000_S_Malibu_loan
2_100_000_S_carwash 800_000_S_Buckner_loan