Helvetica REO Finance Services (“RFS”) is dedicated to assisting banks and investors in the management, acquisition and disposition of their foreclosed real estate assets by primarily targeting pools of bank-owned distressed and non-performing assets. 


Helvetica REO Finance

The Helvetica RFS team offers banks and investors the following financing options: 

*      Acquisitions – We serve as a principal in the acquisition of REO pools from banks and lenders through one of our Helvetica Funds™, allowing sellers the opportunity to liquidate non-performing assets; particularly bank-owned real estate.

*      Lending – We offer short term lending to investors that have negotiated the purchase of a discounted assets.  Whether it’s a single or a large pool of distressed assets, Helvetica customizes a loan solution to enable investors to leverage acquisitions for greater yields and larger pools.

*      Structured Finance – We offer creative financing solutions that combine equity, leverage and joint venture agreements to successfully close on larger and more geographically dispersed transactions.

*      Syndication – We advise both buyers and sellers on the structuring of syndications in order to execute a large bulk acquisition or disposition.


Seller Challenges

 Difficulty managing realtors - poor management, inaccurate pricing, few site visits, inadequate marketing (MLS only) 

*      Inefficient communication channels for real-time and effective decision making

*      Rapid market declines – chasing the market

*      Inability to establish accurate loss reserves = deteriorating investor confidence with frequent re-evaluations and write-downs

*      Difficult capacity planning - insufficient staffing to support vendor management

*      REO, property management and realty NOT lenders core competency

*      Government intervention


Seller Advantages

Provides immediate cash for reinvestment, expansion and new loans 

           Obtain a fair value for quick sale of assets

*      Pricing discovery through bidding process

*      Allows seller to focus on primary business

*      Eliminates the work of managing vendors

*      Reduces loss mitigation workforce and associated costs

*      Reduces holding costs associated with taxes, HOA dues, security, and property preservation

*      Reduces risk of further price declines, fines, penalties and property deterioration

*      Ability to price assets accurately to restore investor confidence 

*      Remove “toxic”, non-performing assets from balance sheet