Helvetica offers portfolio diversification to its high net worth, pension fund, and trust investors through real estate partnerships. By investing in a partnership or fund, an investor has the ability to participate in a pool of trust deed investments. If you are interested in becoming a fund or trust deed investor, contact our investor relations manager.


Helvetica Capital Funding | is a real estate investment fund that targets high equity residential and commercial real estate loans in the six Western States. Typical candidates are borrowers with equity in real property that exceeds the loan value but who cannot qualify because of poor credit, high debt-to-income ratios or inability to traditionally document income. Clients often seek hard money loans when they need cash quickly, and cannot wait or do not qualify for a typical bank loan.


Helvetica REO Investors | are a series of special purpose investment funds that target distressed assets including foreclosed residential and commercial properties as well as non performing loans. Our funds also target high yielding single and multi-family residential properties in select areas to acquire, lease and manage for rental income and appreciation. Our funds have successfully acquired over 400 properties in more than a dozen select states from national and regional banks as well as directly through foreclosure auctions.