For decades our investors have been investing in 1st and 2nd trust deeds and other non-conforming real estate investments generating annual returns typically between 10% and 20% plus. The investments are secured by real property evidenced by a deed of trust. We originate trust deed investments primarily in the western five states on behalf of our investors and we invest in trust deeds which the total loan amount does not exceed 70% of the property value.


Single Notes
Investors can purchase single whole notes secured by real property. The investor owns the entire note and the borrower pays the investor monthly mortgage payments which are collected by a servicing agent and distributed to the investor every month.


Fractionalized Notes
Fractional notes are single whole notes secured by real property that are owned by 2 to 10 investors. Each investor owns an undivided interest in the note and receives a pro rata share of the monthly mortgage interest that is collected by a servicing agent and distributed to the investors every month.


Mortgage Pools
Mortgage Pools are real estate partnerships that offer investors participation as a limited partner, in a pool of trust deeds. Partners receive income generated from mortgage interest which is typically distributed monthly or quarterly. Mortgage pools allow investors greater diversification through the ability to participate in a larger number of trust deeds rather than a select few as in single or fractionalized notes.


Real Estate Syndications
Real estate syndications offer investors an opportunity to participate through limited partnership shares in unique real estate investments. Larger and often complicated real estate financing requires the formation of real estate syndications to protect investor interests and to provide for preferred and often attractive investment returns.