Program Highlights

 No FICO Underwriting
 Stated Income / No Doc Loans
 NINA Programs
 Bankruptcy Buyouts
 Foreclosure Bailouts
 Variable and Interest Only
 10 Second Pre-Quals, 24-Hour Funding
 Loan Amounts to $10,000,000

Why Private Money?
Unique borrowers and special situations require brokers to use a lender that is able to look outside the traditional lending matrix. Helvetica offers quick, flexible mortgage solutions with a lot less paperwork than conventional lenders and has the ability to offer creative financing solutions with common sense underwriting.

Why Partner with Helvetica?
Only Helvetica makes it easy for you to add residential and commercial hard money loans to your current product offerings. By working with us, you get a powerful partner to help you grow your business, broaden your borrower base and increase revenue. It's all because of our continuous investment in technology, processes and our common sense underwriting that together delivers speed, simplicity and major profits for you.
Other reasons to partner with us:

Brokers earn up to 3% Plus on each deal
      : Loan commissions are paid directly at closing, often 4 points, sometimes more.

Brokers originate hard money loans
      : Avoid escrow cancellations and keep your non-conforming, bad credit, no income clients in-house. No startup fees necessary.

Get your clients back for refinancing
      : View us as your transitional lender. Clients will want to refinance out of their hard money loan once their credit is repaired and they are back on track for conventional financing, providing additional opportunities for brokers.

We manage all the paper work
      : We take care of all the regulatory paper work, loan processing, underwriting, securities compliance and DRE reporting.

Special licensing not required
      : We are licensed by the Department of Real Estate to originate hard money loans.

We are a direct lender
      : We lend directly on behalf of individual investors, mortgage pools, trusts, pension plans, retirement funds, real estate partnerships and institutional investors representing over $1 billion in combined assets.

We provide the expertise
      : Hard money lending is a tricky business. We provide step-by-step assistance throughout the entire process.

We provide training
    : Our management team provides hard money workshops and case studies to educate brokers on how to identify alternative loan opportunities.

Gain A Competitive Advantage!
By incorporating private money lending into your origination business, you will be able to increase loan volume, build repeat business, obtain additional referrals and earn generous commissions.

Now You Can Close Loans When Other Banks and Lenders Tell You No!
Stop throwing away loans not meeting your traditional lenders' criteria. Helvetica offers a second chance, an almost instant way to get your non-conforming borrowers pre-approved. Get started now and fund more loans today.